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  Hello everyone. My name is Kyeong Man Kim, 18th Dean of the College of Pharmacy (CNU Pharm). Thank you for visiting our website. I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to CNU Pharm and to talk about our educational objectives and goals.

CNU Pharm was authorized in 1981 and established in 1982 to educate future pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists who could contribute greatly to global health improvement and advancement of pharmaceutical affairs and science. As of 2012, marking the 30th anniversary of the establishment, we have produced about 1,900 professionals working in colleges, research institutes, hospitals, companies, drug stores, government agencies and so on. They have always been faithful to their duty and done pivotal role in public health enhancement and pharmaceutical science progress.

As pharmacy students are now required to take basic 2-year course in addition to the mandatory 4-year course, we are adopting new programs as well as improving existing ones to offer better educational experiences to our students: reinforced pharmacy practice programs, improved teaching methods, better student-oriented lecture and field training environment, and etc. We are devoting ourselves to building capacity for research through international cooperation to be competitive enough to put our place in globally acclaimed pharmacy schools. We recognize developing new medicine emerges as a new growth engine for the 21st century and original core technology. Therefore we’ve established Research Institute of Drug Development, Institute of Bioequivalence and Bridging Study, and Research and Development Center for Natural Product Drugs. Through these efforts to take the lead in this field, we’ll be one of the prestigious pharmacy schools which can produce professionals with brand-new knowledge in pharmaceutical science and experiences in clinical practice.

We’ll appreciate your interest and support and expect much of your attention to CNU Pharm’s Research and Scholarship Foundation.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Ik Soo Lee